Developer Note: 1.1.0

Hello, Koji Villagers! Thank you for your support and feedback on iLLANG. We would like to share with our community what is being prepared as an update to iLLANG in the future.


We have been paying attention to feedback from people who are not familiar with the rules of iLLANG, and as a result, we have made continuous improvements in this area, such as strengthening manuals and guides, and we are also preparing full-fledged tutorials. The upcoming tutorials will allow you to directly experience the basic goals of villagers, including voting, missions, and more! Upon completion of the tutorial, villagers will receive a small reward.

Lobby Renovation

The initial lobby was designed to provide a glimpse at the cute characters and their backstories. However, we recognize that our design may not be very user-friendly. We also understand that communication is a crucial aspect of the game’s genre. Therefore, we plan to renovate the lobby in the future to create a space where villagers can showcase their own characters and communicate with each other more directly. As a little teaser, we want to make it a fun playground. It is difficult to move and act freely like a waiting room, but we are providing features such as various amusement rides, and we are creating a space where players can interact and talk directly with each other.

Stay tuned for more information in the near future.


We acknowledge that the current ranking system may not provide sufficient motivation for gameplay and that simply listing a win rate is not an effective approach. To address this, the future ranking system will be changed to a method of calculating and paying out points based on the content of the game play, and the ranking will be based on these points. These standards will be periodically reviewed and refined using data, including balancing measures. Furthermore, the rankings will be reset every week and rewards will be paid according to the rankings, improving the rewards for those villagers who do their best.


We are actively listening to the various feedback we receive on the official Discord and Community boards. While we appreciate your feedback, please understand that game balance requires a lot of thought and caution, so it is difficult to respond quickly. We are exploring various options with an open mind, such as adjusting existing job skills, adding new jobs, and awarding additional points in case of death, while ensuring that the game remains enjoyable.

The core value of Challengers Games is to provide a fun and rewarding gaming experience. We will continue to work hard and bring you the best version of iLLANG possible.

Thank you.

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