Meet the Villagers: Chaju

The Ex-Convict

  • 24 Years Old

  • Escaped Prison by Digging a Hole with a Spoon

  • Mysteriously Appeared in Koji Village

  • "I'm the biggest criminal in the entire village!"

By digging a hole in the wall of a prison, Chaju managed to escape and ended up in Koji Village. He’s wanted throughout the country.

“Somehow I think the villagers here are even crazier than me. In any case, my goal is not to be caught again and dragged back to prison. How can I avoid being caught again?”

Chaju is jealous of the famous criminal in town, the Illang. He’s seen the news that there’s an escaped convict in town, but the villagers say nothing about it. All they talk about is the Illang.

“I have never felt less of a criminal than I do now. I feel useless. But just wait, I’ll beat the Illang with an even bigger crime and you’ll see! I’m the criminal, the biggest criminal in the entire village!”

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