Meet the Villagers: Dakki

The Fox Goddess

  • Over 900 Years Old

  • Owner of the Fox Shrine in Koji Village

  • Likes to be pampered

  • "If you want to pet my head, then bring me some churros!"

Dakki is not your local stray fox, but rather a deity worshipped by Harumi, the local Ying Yang Shaman. She’s been around for over 900 years and knows everything about the world and even the future. This 900-year-old Fox Goddess is very elusive and stubborn.

“When Harumi asks me a question, I know I can give her all the right answers, just like my teacher…! But for some strange reason… I can’t answer the question on everyone’s mind: “How do I catch the Illang?” That’s what most people want to know.”

One day, like an uninvited guest, the Illang slipped into Koji Village like a wandering spirit.

“I can’t wait to find out where the Illang lives! I want to grab it by the scruff of its neck and demand to know why it keeps stealing my Fox Orb!”

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