Meet the Villagers: Harumi

The Shaman

  • 19 Years Old

  • Prideful and Hates Losing

  • Happiest When Praised by Dakki

  • “I come from a family that has worshipped the Fox Goddess for generations.”

Harumi, a bold and courageous young girl at the Fox Shrine in Koji Village.
She was born into the Abe family, who have worshipped the Fox Goddess for generations. From her mother’s womb, Harumi heard the voice of the Fox Goddess Dakki.

“I will protect you for the rest of your life. “

Her kind and loving heart was transmitted through the umbilical cord.
She must have responded from the womb. Dakki is Harumi’s god and master, someone she loves more than a tattered teddy bear.

But something has been bothering her lately. Her former classmate and rival at Koji Elementary, the fortune teller Neru.

She keeps following Dakki around like she’s in love with her or something. Harumi doesn’t like that.

“I should be the only one who gets Dakki’s attention!!!”

Harumi is deeply troubled these days. How can she get Neru out of her life?

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