Meet the Villagers: Jin

The Troublemaker

  • Age Unknown

  • Koji Village's biggest troublemaker

  • If he's hungry, he'll eat you!

  • "Hmm... Who will I eat today?"

Jin is an outcast who has not been treated very well in Koji Village, and he has no idea why. It’s like blowing your nose and throwing away a handkerchief, or drinking a soda and throwing the empty can over your shoulder, or the flapping of a butterfly’s wings creating a massive ripple effect.

“When did I become such an outcast? I’ve been a outcast in Koji Village for as long as I can remember, but… I just yawn.”

Jin is always patting his puffy stomach and thinking to himself, “Why does everyone in the village hate me? I wonder if it’s because I eat the sheep as a snack… but when I’m really hungry, I eat people.”

It really is a mystery why he is an outcast.

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