Meet the Villagers: Kyupi, Honoka, Rin, Kira, and Ema

The Lover

  • Over 1000 Years Old

  • Ageless

  • Also Known as Cupid

  • "I’ll instill love in your barren hearts."

Cupid, the god of love, played tug-of-war while Zeus gave his orders: “Go to Koji Village, where suspicion and mistrust reign!”.

Since the villagers of Koji Village were so distrustful of each other, his mission was to bring love back into their hearts.

“…but there’s no offline aesthetic for love these days, is there?”

Cupid’s livelihood is in trouble, and he doesn’t have the money to travel to Koji Village. He wondered if he should jump on the 21st century IT business bandwagon. He had a brilliant business idea!

In line with the current trends, he came up with the idea of creating a love advice app. He thinks he can solve Zeus’ mission and regain his title as the Messenger of Love.

Will Cupid be able to instill love in the hearts of the inhabitants of the barren Koji Village?

The Villager

  • 12 Years Old

  • Bright, Cheerful and a Little Shy

  • Loves Collecting Kojimon Stickers

  • “Everyone in this village is so nice.”

Honoka’s hobby is collecting Kojimon Bread Stickers. She currently has 99 out of 100 Kojimon stickers.

The one she hasn’t collected yet is… Ribbonmon, the hardest sticker to get, with an extremely, extremely, extremely low chance of getting it!

One day, Honoka manages to get her hands on a Ribbonmon. Clutching the precious sticker in her arms, she sets off…

She stumbles over a huge pebble and falls to the ground. Ribbonmon’s sticker falls into the sewer.

A strange voice comes from the sewer.

“Uh… I don’t know who that is, but I want my sticker back, please!”

The Detective

  • 17 Years Old

  • Specialized in Investigating Suspicious Activity

  • Dreams of Being the Next Sherlock Holmes

  • “The culprit is in this room.”

Rin, who wears a customized detective costume to school instead of her uniform, is the president of the Mystery Club at Koji High School.

“When you’re a detective, it’s important to wear plaid.”

She watches only detective anime and movies, and reads Sherlock Holmes.
She loves the style of the foggy streets of 19th century England. But she was born in Koji Village and has never (ever) been to England.

“Misidentification is a specialty, cluelessness an option.”

She sets out to solve a case, only to cause more trouble in Koji Village. Her dream is to become a detective like Sherlock Holmes!

“Why do I want to be a detective? I don’t know, it’s just cool!”

The Killer

  • 16 Years Old

  • Codename Red Riding Hood

  • An Assassin Hired to Eliminate the Illang

  • “Initiate Operation: Eliminate the Illang.”

The Koji Village Council has hired an assassin. Her code name is Red Riding Hood. The request: Eliminate the Illang.

The Illang has been disturbing the peace of Koji Village for some time, like a utility bill in the mailbox. She has an impressive poker face. Her eyes are like a bull’s-eye on a target, even in an earthquake! This is the essential virtue of an assassin. On top of all these qualities, she is also very meticulous.

She entered Koji Village wearing a red hood, very suspicious!

Still, this assassin has a great aura, but a bit sloppy? And why does she keep getting distracted by waving wildflowers while hunting the Illang?

The High School Girl

  • 17 Years Old

  • President of the Ghost Story Club

  • Summons Spirits as a Hobby

  • “Ghosts are real, and I'll prove it.”

Ema is the 16th president of the Ghost Story Club at Koji High School.
Her biggest worry these days is that her beloved Ghost Story Club is in danger of being shut down. She is the club’s only member.

The math teacher has been forced to take charge of the club, always saying “There are no such things as ghosts!”

She wants to prove to the teacher that ghosts are real. It is said that even if the earth falls, there is a hole that will rise. Using the ritual of the Bunshinsaba, she finally succeeds in talking to a ghost!

But this ghost… a ghost that drowned in the pond of Koji Village over 300 years ago? This is an exciting opportunity!

“Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, can you hear me? Please show yourself before the math teacher. Help save the Ghost Story Club from being shut down!”

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