Meet the Villagers: Mio, Asahi and Seoa

The Middle School Girl

  • 14 Years Old

  • Has the "Chuunibyou" Disease

  • Wants to Wear A Blanket When She Grows Up

  • "The Black Flame Dragon is coiling itself around the palm of my left hand...!"

The patch over her left eye isn’t just a Black Flame Dragon fashion statement.
It’s a symbolic item that means “I don’t want to see a corrupted world.

Mio, the loneliest and most philosophical being in the world, has “Chuunibyou”, a disease for which there is no cure. She is the most unusual middle school girl in Koji Village.

Mio holds a lollipop between her index and middle fingers and squeezes it.
Like many heads of households, she stares at the sky and suffers in silence.

“I don’t think there’s a single person in Koji Village who can understand what I’m feeling, I wonder why I’m so ‘philosophical’ and ‘special’, if I was born to be so special, then why am I living with these shackles of a harsh fate? My God, I sound like a 132-year-old man in a fantasy novel.

Mio’s friends are horrified and ask, “Why is the shame ours to bear?”

The Deputy

  • 23 Years Old

  • The Pessimistic Deputy of Koji Village

  • Hopes to Win the Lottery and Never Work Again

  • "Oh... I don't want to go to work."

With a letter of resignation in his breast pocket, Asahi is the pessimistic deputy of Koji Village.

Asahi is super jealous of his younger sister Neru, who has the same dark bags under her eyes. The difference is that she’s always up all night playing video games, and he’s always working and complaining.

“There are disturbances in Koji Village every day. A lot of commotion both day and night. I come to work every day saying, “I want to quit,” but I work so hard and I’m never late for work.”

Asahi has two wishes.

The first is to win the lottery, and the second is to hand in his resignation and leave Koji Village.

The Lunatic

  • 22 Years Old

  • Loves the Spirit of Rock and Roll

  • Dreams of Being More Famous than Anyone

  • "I'm the craziest person here!!!"

Loving the spirit of rock and roll, Seoa wants to be famous more than anything in the world! Sometimes she’ll randomly pick up a potato chip and use it to play her invisible guitar.

“When I become a famous rock singer, I will call myself Crazy. I want to stand out, I want to be special. I want to be the star of a viral trend video! I want to headbang like crazy, sing at the top of my lungs in a dolphin’s octave…”

“I never get more than double-digit views on KojiTube. I thought, “How can I get people to see my talent?” I wanted to be noticed like the Illang. Maybe if I followed him, I could become a real madman like the Illang. I could become a celebrity in the news and become the rock singer I always wanted to be.”

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