Meet the Villagers: Neru

The Fortune Teller

  • 19 Years Old

  • Koji Village's Fortune Teller

  • Her Motto is 'All's Well That Ends Well'

  • “Someone in the village… is about to die…”

A 19-year-old fortune teller from Koji Village who can see the future. Her eyes are always wide open. It’s not because she’s worried about the catastrophes that will befall the world, nor is it because she’s exhausted her HP from overusing her prophetic powers. She’s just tired from playing video games all night.

“But there’s a moment when my dull eyes light up. That’s when Illang steals my crystal ball!”

Every time Neru plays all night and takes a nap, the Illang steals her crystal ball. Neru’s allowance is always tight because she keeps buying more crystal balls and churros.

So she sets a trap to catch the thief.

“Oops… a cute little fox walked by and got hurt. Her name is Dakki, but what should I do? I should use my allowance to buy her lots of churros. She’s so cute!”

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