Meet the Villagers: Tanuki

The Raccoon

  • 456 Years Old

  • Master of Transformation

  • Part of the Ancient Raccoon Bloodline

  • "I can transform into anything!"

The tale is as old as time. “If the Fox hops seven times, the Raccoon hops eight.”

But now the Raccoon’s shapeshifting ability can’t even keep up with the Fox’s second front toe.

When Tanuki transforms into a teapot, his limbs fall off randomly, out of nowhere. This is because the raccoon failed to become a god and remained a demon, and unless they become gods, their powers diminish and they eventually become ordinary animals.

“I once heard that if I got the Fox Orb, I could make any wish come true! I could become a shapeshifter, like raccoons used to be! Maybe… I could become a god who protects Koji Village, like Dakki!”

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