Meet the Villagers: Usami, Akira, Souta and Kaito

The Villager

  • 12 Years Old

  • Innocent

  • Believes in the Moon Rabbit

  • "I'm going to meet the Moon Rabbit!"

Usami wants to meet a Moon Rabbit before she dies. According to the story of the Moon Rabbits of Koji Village, on the night of a full moon, the Moon Rabbits will descend from the sky, while sitting on buckets, to eat carrots. According to the story, they can even talk to people!

Usami is determined. She must meet the Moon Rabbit!

The long-awaited full moon has finally arrived. And sure enough, a bucket descends from the sky! Usami tries to jump onto the empty bucket.
But… Something feels wrong.

Will Usami ever meet the Moon Rabbit?

The Bodyguard

  • 24 Years Old

  • Fell Into a Dimensional Hole

  • Bodyguard From 300 Years Ago

  • "I wonder if she's okay…"

This samurai has traveled 300 years into the future to present-day Koji Village!

His name is Akira. He’s a silent, cold-hearted bodyguard.
He has the kind of smile that makes teenage schoolgirls swoon, and he is extremely handsome.

He was the bodyguard for a lord’s daughter until one day he was pulled through a dimensional hole and woke up in Koji Village in the 21st century.

“I wonder if she’s okay…”

Akira has a crush on the lord’s daughter.

“The magnolia blossom on my chest that you shyly pinned to me… hasn’t wilted in 300 years. It’s like my heart for you. I miss it. I must protect it. I must find a way to return to my world, to my time, to my heart! I will find a way to get back!”

The Swindler

  • 12 Years Old

  • Eyesight -10

  • Branded as a Liar and Cries Illang Too Often

  • "Th, Th, The Illang! The Illang is here!"

Souta, the eldest son of an elite herding family. He has the innate DNA to detect the Illang flowing swiftly through his veins. But… this next elite shepherd has a fatal flaw…

“You see… my eyesight is -10. I keep tripping over rocks when I walk. Sometimes I hit my forehead on a telephone pole and apologize profusely. If the Illang were to breakdance right in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was the Illang of the Fox”.

His neighbors call him a liar and an impostor.

What Souta doesn’t know is that one day, when he was crying his eyes out in frustration, the kind villager who patted him on the back to comfort him was the Illang.

The Illang Fanatic

  • 26 Years Old

  • Waves His Glow Stick When the Illang is on the News

  • Absurd Law Student

  • "The Illang Bounty Badge is prized merchandise!"

While everyone else was waving the “Get Rid of the Illang” flag, only Kaito was waving the “The Illang is Super Cool!” banner. He failed the bar exam five times and is an unapologetic Illang fanatic. For Kaito, the Illang is an idol, a ray of sunshine in the otherwise gloomy room of a hikikomori! He collects the Illang wanted posters on the wall like idol merchandise and happily waves his glow stick when Illang’s face appears in the news like a mug shot. “The reason why I became an Illang fan… I haven’t told this to anyone yet. One day, Illang came to the window of my room like a thief and said just one word to me. That “one word” turned a failed bar examinee into a hikikomori ready to meet the brave new world.”

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