Meet the Villagers: Yagami

The Drowned Ghost

  • 300 Years (Estimate)

  • Drowned over 300 years ago, but has lost her memory.

  • Secretly in love with Akira the Bodyguard

  • “Find the person who killed me 300 years ago...”

The ghost of an unknown noblewoman who drowned in the pond of Koji Village over 300 years ago.
When the dead wander the underworld long enough, their precious memories begin to fade.

“Whoever drowned me in the pond took most of my memories, including my name, but… but… I remember feeling that I loved someone…”

Suddenly, a samurai dressed in 300-year-old clothes appears in Koji Village!

It was like seeing love at first sight all over again. That feeling in your heart, beating faster than the speed of sound! And even though this Drowned Ghost was no longer alive, her heart was beating for the first time in centuries.

“Maybe he was the one I loved, whose face was just like that samurai’s?”

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