New Cosmetics and Pets for Update 1.0.6

We have added a new collection of cosmetics to the Lucky Box for Update 1.0.6!

Play iLLANG and earn some Lucky Tickets from Quests and Achievements, or even participate in our limited-time events in-game and on Discord to get some free Lucky Tickets.

Hair Accessories

  • Usami School Uniform (Hair) White
  • Seoa School Uniform (Hair) Magenta
  • Kaito School Uniform (Hair) Grey
  • Kaito School Uniform (Hair) Black
  • Tanuki School Uniform (Hair) Red
  • Tanuki School Uniform (Hair) Purple
  • Rin School Uniform (Hair) White

Head Accessory

  • Black Bunny Ears Headband

Mask Accessory

  • Cat’s Paw Lollipop


  • Blue Rabbit
  • Black Shiba Inu
  • Blue Fox
  • Purple Bunny
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