Regarding Nintendo Switch on April 10

Hello Villagers,

On April 10, 2024, our iLLANG store page was released on the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to download the game. Please note that while you may be able to find iLLANG on the Nintendo Store, we want to make sure there is no confusion: iLLANG is not currently available on Nintendo Switch. This was unintentional on our part. If you have downloaded the game, you may encounter an error message stating that the game is outdated and requires an update. This error is caused by the game not being in the correct version yet.

We plan to release iLLANG on Nintendo Switch very soon, as you can imagine, and we will share more details about that in the coming days. We apologize to those players who may have been excited and appreciate those who were eager to play the game and quickly found iLLANG on the Nintendo Store and downloaded it before we were able to close the stores.

Thank you for your understanding. Please visit our Discord server for the latest information on iLLANG.

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