Welcome to iLLANG!

Welcome to iLLANG, a game from Challengers Games Corp. where players work together to find the sneaky wolf lurking in Koji Village. If you haven’t heard of iLLANG yet but are interested in playing, we’re happy to introduce you to our cozy game.

iLLANG is a game of social deception where players help the villagers of Koji Village with their various problems. Within the charming village lies a mysterious creature that seems to be up to no good, whether it is stealing some tasty snacks or tearing a teddy bear to pieces! Players can band together to find out who this mysterious wolf creature is, known as the Illang. However, be cautious, as appearances can be deceiving, as even your closest ally may just be the very creature you’re looking for.

Survive the Night

The Illang is nearby. It could be someone you have never met, or it could be your closest friend!

Play Together

Play various mini-games such as Flower Bloom, Cat Finder, Treasure Hunt and more!

Chat with Friends

Communicate with your friends via text chat, voice chat and more!

We can’t wait to see you all in Koji Village, and we’re excited to announce that iLLANG will be releasing in February 2024*, and is available for pre-registration on Android now. Pre-Registration will be available on the iOS App Store on January 15.

* iLLANG will be available on Nintendo Switch on February 2024. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will be available shortly after release.

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