iOS App Store平台事前登录开始啦!

继2023年12月17日Google play store开始事前登录后,今iOS Store平台的事前登录也正式开始啦! 《人狼(iLLANG)》将于2024年2月在Nintendo Switch、安卓、iOS三个平台正式发布。不久的将来在PC, PS 5, Xbox X/S平台也有发布计划哦。

欢迎来到Challengers games倾心开发的游戏《人狼(iLLANG)》。在游戏中,玩家们会共同携手找出藏匿在可吉村狡猾的人狼。相信大家对这款游戏还不是非常了解,以下内容将为您介绍《人狼(iLLANG)》精彩动人的世界观背景。

歡迎來到Challengers games傾心開發的遊戲《人狼(iLLANG)》。在遊戲中,玩家們會共同攜手找出藏匿在可吉村狡猾的人狼。相信大家對這款遊戲還不是非常瞭解,以下內容將爲您介紹《人狼(iLLANG)》精彩動人的世界觀背景。

Survive the Night

The Illang is nearby. It could be someone you have never met, or it could be your closest friend!

Play Together

Play various mini-games such as Flower Bloom, Cat Finder, Treasure Hunt and more!

Chat with Friends

Communicate with your friends via text chat, voice chat and more!

We can’t wait to see you all in Koji Village, and we’re excited to announce that iLLANG will be releasing in February 2024*, and is available for pre-registration on Android now. Pre-Registration will be available on the iOS App Store on January 15.

* iLLANG will be available on Nintendo Switch on February 2024. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will be available shortly after release.

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